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Michael Priest
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As Transformers: Age of Extinction was released just last week, and Transformers is celebrating its 30th Anniversary, Fanholes did a whole month of Transformers-related material!  Which I will now plug.

First off!  Several lists I wrote.

Mike's Top Twenty Favorite Transformers Comics

Mike's Top Ten Favorite G1 Transformers Episodes

Mike's Top Ten Favorite Beast Wars Episodes

I did a top fifteen favorite TF comics list a few years ago, but that one is revamped and improved!

And of course, the podcast proper, where we exhaustively went through every character in the Marvel Transformers Universe profile series and gave our individual thoughts on.

Fanholes Episode # 103: TF Universe # 1 (Everyone's Weakness Is Buzzsaw)

Fanholes Episode # 104: TF Universe # 2 (Severe Eye Injuries Are The Right Of All Sentient Beings)

Fanholes Episode # 105: TF Universe # 3 (Only Derek Likes Slingshot)

Fanholes Episode # 106: TF Universe # 4 (The Last Survivor Of Planet Lipton)

And finally, the proper debut episode of Transformers Tuesdays, the spin-off show where we discuss naught but Gobots!  I-I mean, Transformers!

Fanholes Transformers Tuesdays Episode 1: "The Enemy Within!"

In this episode of Transformers Tuesdays, the gang reviews "The Enemy Within!", Marvel UK # 13-17.


I'm not done yet!  Here's some more Fanholes stuff I haven't plugged here yet.

Fanholes Episode # 102: To Me, X-Cast!

It's an all-X-Men episode! Listen as the Fanholes reveal their favorite X-Men characters and stories, and also talk about the various cartoons and video games!

Fanholes Episode # 102 Point One: Fanholes Masterpiece Theatre

Listener Feedback and Blogspot submissions that were too awesome to be contained! Listen as the Fanholes read a listener stream of consciousness review of Star Trek Voyager using a variety of impressions at their disposal!

Fanholes Episode # 107: Bingo And Pudding

In this episode, the Fanholes discuss Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and the current Marvel NOW! comic run of Nova.

Fanholes Sentai Saturdays Episode 4: Dairanger "Ore-tachi Amai ze!!"

Join the Fanholes, and special guest Jan Christophersen from the CAN-AM Infection Wrestling Podcast, as they discuss the Japanese television series that inspired Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Dairanger in the fourth episode of what is now Fanholes tradition, Sentai Saturdays!

Fanholes Mobile Suit Mondays Episode #6: Gundam Build Fighters "The Strongest Builder"

Join the Fanholes as they discuss the brand new anime, Gundam Build Fighters in the sixth episode of what is now Fanholes tradition, Mobile Suit Mondays!

Fanholes Figure That! (MAFEX The Dark Knight Rises Batman)

Derek reviews the MAFEX DKR Batman figure!


Phew!  In whatever case, I did see Age of Extinction and I enjoyed it for the most part.  Had the same problems as the other Bay films, chief among them the bloated run time, but it was still fun.  For me, Transformers changes far too often to get too upset over one particular iteration, so I'm afraid I can't get as obscenely offended at the Bay films as some.  Like with any Transformers fiction, I take the good with the bad.

I gotta say, it is nice to hear Peter Cullen actually ACT again instead of saying everything in the same comically-grave voice, like he does in TF: Prime.  Movie Prime's a pretty volatile guy, and I think that kinda helps distinguish him a lot.  Although, he probably did spout off one "I'LL KILL YOU!" too many.

I mean, "I'LL KILL YOU" right after he's woken up, damaged and delirious, sure.  But "I'LL KILL YOU!" while leaping off Grimlock to tackle some random Decepticon mook who is just chilling atop a building?  Going a bit far there.
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I need a Priest!
Thu Oct 20, 2011, 9:27 AM
What are some of your favorite cartoons and/or anime?
Tue Oct 11, 2011, 5:39 PM
Do, a deer, a female deer...
Sat Feb 5, 2011, 12:48 PM
Somebody's having fun messing around with his sub...
Fri Jan 7, 2011, 8:59 PM

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